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Et Tu, Brute?

Alcohol 6.6% ABV - 20 IBU

Nelson sauvin, Calypso, and Azacca hops take center stage in this surprisingly sessionable non-session ale. Big hop character; aroma and flavor of citrus fruits, white grapes, and peach dominate, then fade to a light and crispy dry finish. Mild bitterness rounds out each taste

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Flu Fighter

Alcohol 4.3% ABV - 18 IBU

Light bodied and very quaffable. Mild malt sweetness is mixed with a touch of spicy hop bitterness, along with a fruity nose and earthy fruit flavor. 1lb of dried elderberries per bbl gives this brew some real immune boosting power! Per the FDA warning: This beer is not intended or marketed to treat or cure any disease or condition except lackofbeerinhandaphobia, gimmiebeerabeetus, or needbeerinmybellyrightnoworImightshrivelupanddie-itis. Side effects might include, but are not limited to; a feeling of well-being, satisfied palate, smiles, and good times for all.

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Alcohol 7.9% ABV - 24 IBU

Baltic porter with raspberry and cappuccino. Raspberry dominates the nose with lingering coffee notes. Moderate silky body and sweet mouth with raspberry tartness and roasty flavors on the finish. Goes down much easier than the ABV would suggest!

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Rye R Squared

Alcohol 9.8% ABV - 37 IBU

Rye R Squared is our take on a traditional English Barleywine, which we amp up with a hefty addition of spicy, malted rye. This amber colored ale was then left to mature in a rye whiskey barrel for an added complex layer of vanilla and oak. A bit of whiskey warmth finishes out each sip

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Tipsy Kilt

Alcohol 9.7% ABV - 21 IBU

Tipsy Kilt is the big brother to our wee heavy scotch ale. I spent over 200 days in a bourbon barrel for maximum flavor. We taste sweet toffee, dark fruit, vanilla, and a touch of chocolate, with a nice alcohol warmth on the finish

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New River North Fork Porter

Alcohol 5.2% ABV - N/A IBU

Dark smooth

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Pumpkin Roll

Alcohol 6.2% ABV - 12 IBU

Moderate body and creamy mouthfeel are accentuated by real pumpkin, along with cinnamon, clove, vanilla, nutmeg, and ginger. A sweet, bready finish rounds out each sip.

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Strike Zone

Alcohol 5.2% ABV - 35 IBU

Easy drinker! Moderate body, slightly roasty aroma, mild hop bitter finish

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Bodacious Blonde

Alcohol 5.3% ABV - 23 IBU

Light body and mild fruity aroma

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What Gose On

Alcohol 4% ABV - 8 IBU

Fruity yeast character and mild tartness make this a great session ale. Brewed with sea salt and coriander, our first "Sour" has a nice light body and just enough acidity to round out each sip

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Kentucky Common

Alcohol 5.5% ABV - 24 IBU

Light body and mild flavor makes the Kentucky common a nice, easy drinker. Small amounts of dark malts give a slight roast chocolate character, with just enough hop bitterness to cleanly round out each sip

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Third Base Tripel

Alcohol 8.2% ABV - 28 IBU

Moderate body and slight sweetness help hide the relatively high ABV. Classic Belgian clove and banana aroma with mildly spicy finish

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Ali’s Raspberry Wheat

Alcohol 5.4% ABV - 18 IBU

Our take on a fruited american wheat. Medium body and slight residual sweetness help support the raspberry flavor and aroma

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Alcohol 6.2% ABV - 35 IBU

Tropical fruit aroma and hop flavor dominate, while a smooth, slightly sweet mouth finish out each sip. El Dorado, Citra, Ekuanot, and Amarillo hops

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Copper Lager

Alcohol 5% ABV - 34 IBU

Rich copper colored lager featuring a crisp malt body and slight bitter backbone, with a clean finish. Very drinkable!

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Alcohol 9% ABV - 22 IBU

Deep amber/gold color, medium body and rich caramel sweetness dominate. Light bitter finish with lingering hints of chocolate

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Alcohol 6.48% ABV - 36 IBU

Medium ruby color and moderately sweet body balanced by a hefty dose of spicy english hops meddle nicely with the classic english ale yeast esters. Low carbonation in the traditional cask serving style.

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Scotch Ale

Alcohol 8.3% ABV - 21 IBU

Full body and rich chocolate and carmel flavors balanced perfectly by a small amount of spicy hops

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Gingersnap Cookie

Alcohol 8.3% ABV - 18 IBU

Strong notes of chocolate and toasted malts, nose is heavy on ginger and cloves, just a touch of cinnamon

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Farmhouse Ale

Alcohol 7.2% ABV - 28 IBU

Copper colored farmhouse ale, medium ester profile provides distinct belgian aroma and flavors of clove, bananna, apricots. Mild hop bitterness

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Agave Ale /w Habanero

Alcohol 4.7% ABV - 22 IBU

Pale ale brewed with organic blue agave syrup and habanero

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Pale Ale

Alcohol 5.2% ABV - 43 IBU

Medium sweet body, toasty malt backbone with light fruity bitterness

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Bald Mountain Brown

Alcohol 5.3% ABV - 21 IBU

Rich, full-bodied brown ale with notes of dark carmel malt and roasted chocolate flavors

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Alcohol 5.3% ABV - 23 IBU

German style kolsch, light hop flavor and aroma. Mild to moderate german ale yeast esters

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Old Caboose Golden

Alcohol 5.5% ABV - 22 IBU

English golden ale, medium body, slight malt finish

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